EMS Production

Wire Wrap assembly

For more than 40 years dataCon has set and maintained the standard for wire wrapping services, products and technical capabilities.

Do you have a wire wrap based product or need? Maybe require a spare board or backplane to maintain a legacy system product offering? Perhaps you’re looking for a source to design or manufacture a board or backplane product previously manufactured by Augat? Need a source for automated wire wrapping? dataCon has an installed base of 30 machines to meet your prototype or volume production needs.

In 2003 dataCon purchased from C-Mac the legacy intellectual property of Augat pertaining to wire wrap boards, backplanes and packaging products for VME and VXI systems. A dataCon customer service specialist can research archived drawings and catalogs to recreate product details, search for specifications, or answer questions regarding custom versions of Augat.

A Partial List of Intellectual Properties and Engineering Capabilities:

  • dataCon Systems Packaging
  • FASTPAK wire wrap logic Cards
  • Augat Systems Packaging
  • Multilayer Wire Wrap Boards
  • The Terminal
  • Specialized WireWrapping Software
  • The Wire
  • VMEbus, Din, Eurocard Packaging Design
  • The Connection
  • VME/VXI Backplanes and Enclosures
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About dataCon C-Mac Augat wire wrap boards

The Wire Wrappers

  • dataCon manufactures wirewrap boards including all Augat 8136 boards
  • Includes Chassis / Enclosures & Rugged Military Packaging
  • Augat VME/VXI Engineering Design Guide (pdf catalog available)
  • dataCon Systems Packaging Products) (downloadable pdf catalog available)
  • Augat Packaging Systems Products (pdf catalog available)
  • Augat VME Engineering Design Guide (pdf catalog available )
  • Augat FastPak Wire Wrap Panels
  • Backplanes > Custom VME64, VME64x, MBII, and VXI Backplanes VME64 Backplanes
  • Backplanes > D Series Backplanes
    VME64 High Power J1/J2 Monolithic Backplanes
  • Subrack Product Offerings > VME64 Subracks
    Up To 26 Slots

dataCon has manufacturing rights plus archival access to original drawings, files, and product schematics for many designs previously available only through Augat or C-Mac.

Former Augat or C-Mac customers now have both a spares and legacy systems, manufacturing support service available through dataCon., Most Augat board and system level hardware created and manufactured in the eighties and nineties can now be purchased from dataCon.

Please call us at 1-781-273-5800, or contact us if you need Hardware Interconnection Products or Services