Quick Turn Prototyping

Three SMT production lines

Quick Turn Circuit Card Prototyping On-Time and Flawless

Here’s how:

  • A local Rt 128 location with our technical team available 7/24.
  • Documents and files validated.
  • Flying probe tested circuit board eliminates workmanship issues.
  • Onsite kit verification

From initial contact, we put our quick turn team of engineers to work on your project. We scrub  your documentation with you at your  technical assessment meeting to outline how to quickly get your files  launched correctly  the first time out of the box.

What do you do? You provide us quick responsive answers to our questions..

Technically,  engineered solutions is the core of our Quick Turn service at dataCon;

Depending upon your responsiveness and commitment to success, dataCon can also offer three day and five day quick turn around.. Talk to us to see what we can do for you.Click here for an appointment with your technical representative.

Whatever your delivery schedule, our team applies a flexible factory resources  tailored to meet your prototyping needs including:

  • Technical Program Management
  • Higher Level Assembly integration and test
  • Flying Probe and Functional Testing
  • Turnkey Materials Management

After  you have successfully designed your circuit design with dataCon,  and your are ready to move into pre production or low volume production , you have  your partner. That’s how dataCon approaches every Quick Turn project.

How can we partner to make your next Quick Turn project a success?

Click here or call for an appointment…