What is NPI and Why should you care?

New Product Introduction, often referred to as NPI, is the darling catch-all for all projects; big or small, new design or re-spin of an existing platform, over or under funded, (you get the idea). The NPI path to success is often uneven, dirty, and dimly lit. And inevitably what defines success or downright failure in meeting schedules, delivering on quality, and meeting performance criteria boils down to three fundamental areas: Documentation, Communication, Commitment.

Please provide proper\adequate documentation wherever possible. Yes, we can get by with less. Yes, we know how to build your most complex designs: RF, gold, stacked vias, high density connectors, specialty fab materials. The build is challenging enough, let’s get the docs straight. What’s proper\adequate, we know, is extremely subjective.

Gerber files
FAB drawings
Excel PL\BOM
Schematics (test),
and any/all pitfalls you’ve already worked through;
hard to find/obsolete components,
previous incumbents to save money on tooling
and so on.

Don’t be shy. Overburdening a supplier\partner with too much documentation is like seeing the gas light pop on in your vehicle and trying squeeze 100 miles from the tank. Be your own life line. More is more; less leaves you stuck on the highway.

We’re available to you, 24/7/365. Client and Supplier are in a partnership. Let’s shine a light on what we do, together. We talk, email, visit, travel, and otherwise live your project with you. We over communicate. You entrust us to make you look good in front of your peers, managers, and bosses. We’re a virtual extension of your facility. Think of us as your problem solver, your fixer. We are your internal Project Manager, your own Team of EE\MEs, your Supply Chain Manager, your stockroom, your SMT department, your Test group, all under your virtual roof. Your ‘roof’ also has 50K square feet under it, with 750+years of collective manufacturing expertise building your products.

Your project has a life, but it’s fragile, and it has risks. We mitigate the risk by speaking plainly, communicating real time challenges and opportunities to improve the results. We both take the responsibility to achieve success, and to communicate, as partners. Let us put our expertise to work for you, to make sure piece 1 is built correctly, and the balance are produced with the highest quality, and the most efficient delivery, ensuring each and every internal and external project milestone is met.