NPI: Another Success

The company, an emerging market OEM, approached dataCon for help in bringing their product — an optical system with the imaging capabilities of ultra-sound technology — to market. The company had no prior experience outsourcing a product.  They needed their documentation assessed, and wanted a producibility analysis. They were looking to engage with an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) solutions provider that could offer a high-touch, local, 24/7 response ‘Teaming’ solution and NPI services. 

Choosing dataCon

dataCon offered a single, one-stop shop, and a unique solution to this customer:

• Technology leadership: flawless execution of NPI, PCBA, cables\harnesses, system integration, and test development

• Program Management: Established schedule and communicated milestones from product kick-off to order fulfillment

• Budgeted manufacturing solution: The customer leveraged dataCon’s strategically located facility to obtain a cost-efficient manufacturing solution 

The Solution

By leveraging dataCon’s 45+years of operation, and 750+ years of under roof experience as an EMS solutions provider, the company received high quality integrated services for its product launch. The OEM obtained:

• dataCon’s industry/globally consistent, new product introduction (NPI) processes. 

• A dedicated customer-focused team that utilized its engineering and technical expertise 

• dataCon’s efficient material procurement via local dedicated distribution partners improving turnaround time; adapt to ever-changing ECNs\Change Notices ‘on the fly’

• dataCon’s cost-effective labor solution for time-sensitive, labor-intensive, manual production activity (i.e. assembling of enclosure cases)


By choosing to leverage dataCon’s suite of integrated services, the OEM received a cost-effective, local\regional based manufacturing partner

• Approximately 30 percent reduction in assembly labor time (proto-pilot)

• An exceptionally high yield rate using oscilloscoptic alignment of fiber optical cables 

• On-time delivery to customer expectations.

dataCon, Inc. helps our customer-partners transform their designs into deliverable hardware. Our integrated and complimentary skillsets in consultative DF(x) manufacturing, complex problem solving techniques, and hands on approach to each project is why we’re trusted and respected in the industry. 

Every day, dataCon works with OEMs in several market segments to help them reduce costs, optimize efficiencies, and enable them to achieve competitive advantage. dataCon’s integrated services and solutions can help you to transform your company, your partnerships, and your results. 

Please contact dataCon today to talk about how we can make your next quick turn, or EMS prototype, or production project 100% successful.