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Cable Harness assembly

dataCon is now qualified to manufacture cables and harnesses per NASA 8739.4. Please contact us if you would like an assembly quote. dataCon provides “point to point” wiring services and offers custom, low volume discrete wire or multi-conductor cable harness assemblies in a variety of constructions. The company procures both single strand wire and ribbon cable in bulk and attaches customer specified connectors, terminals, braids, sheathing etc. to satisfy print or interconnection diagram requirements.

Connectorization and terminal attachment is done using manual tools supplemented by semi-automatic and automatic crimping and wire stripping and routing equipment.

Value added wire processing usually encompasses measuring, cutting, stripping, and terminating. Each of these processes can be done manually or automated. The choice depends on factors such as volume, type of wire, and customers’ specifications or print requirements. Wire processing can take place using manual, semi-automatic or automatic equipment. Manual processing uses specialized hand tools and techniques. Manual processing can be more cost effective for first articles, prototypes or low volume applications where investing in automated tooling or equipment are not practical.

Semi-Automatic processing uses hand controls to adjust strip length and internal wire stops. Rotary blades and V-blades or specific die-type blades can be used for stripping insulation. There are other methods of stripping insulation called abrasion (fiberglass or steel brushes) and UV laser stripping. Semi-Automatic processing makes sense at a certain volume level and if there is wide variety of wire sizes.

Some of the more typical wire stripping and insulation removal techniques have been automated at dataCon. These include axial slitting; stripping with a partial or full slug pull-off; and inner conductor stripping and forming (removing incremental pieces of insulation) also known as window stripping. Usually the customer specifies the insulated wire type and interconnect application, then dataCon can help determine appropriate wire processing, stripping and termination methods.

Coaxial cables are constructed using in-line processing of up to 12 mm (0.47″) in diameter and a maximum stripping length of up to 40 mm (1.57″). Wiring personnel are particularly adept at processing discrete wires with thin insulations.

dataCon typically uses standard wire sizes from 32 to 12 AWG however wire OD’s as large as .290″ have been accommodated. We welcome development inquiries requiring polishing, splicing and connectorization of single mode and multimode fiber optic cable.

When specified by our customers, cables can be tested using a Cirris 1000+ tester or other test equipment matched to our customers particular needs.

dataCon meets the IPC certification of WHMA-A-620.

If you have an existing or pending discrete wiring or cable harness need, please contact us.

dataCon achieves NASA 8739.4 cable/harness specification
dataCon is now certified to manufacture to NASA spec 8739.4 cables and harnesses.