EMS Production

Backplane assembly

dataCon has designed and manufactured many of the current backplane technologies such as VME 64X, PCI, and VXI. We can provide substrate procurement (from one of our partner companies or the customer’s approved supply base), press fit and solder assembly, unit test, and system integration.

dataCon performs Level 1 testing for opens and shorts on bare boards prior to assembly and Level 3, 100% electrical test on the fully assembled backplane. Level 3 tests are performed through the connectors for opens and shorts as well as precision voltage and resistance measurements.

VME 64X- dataCon’s new VME backplanes are designed for minimum cross talk, minimum propagation delay, controlled characteristic impedance and high signal gain. VXI- dataCon’s high performance VXI backplanes fully comply to the VXI bus specifications, Rev. 1.4. Available in several sizes for both the C-size and D-size configurations. The backplanes are a 10-layer monolithic design featuring our unique strip-line and ground-shield construction. If your system requirements include an intricate cable assembly or simple “point to point” wiring please contact us to discuss your interconnection needs.

COTS/MOTS Backplane Assemblies

Typical Specifications & Standards

  • Mil-S-901
  • Mil-S-167-1 Type1
  • Mil-A-28870
  • Mil-P-55110/31032
  • J-STD-001
  • IPC 6012
  • ANSI VITA 1, 1994 VME BUS
  • ANSI VITA 1.1, 1997 VME Extensions
  • ANSI IEEE STD 1014-1987
  • VXI, PCI, cPCI

Typical PWB Geometries

  • Minimum line widths & spacing: 4/4 mils
  • Impedance Control: +/- 10%
  • Plating Aspect ratio: 20:1
  • Layer Count range: 4-32
  • Thickness: 62/400 mils

dataCon is one of the oldest independent backplane assemblers in the United States. The company has over 40 years of experience serving the major segments of the electronics industry.